Meet our chicks!

March 30, 2021

In mid November, McKinney Roots got 175 Novogen Laying Hens. They are a hybrid Red-Sex Link chicken known as a Novogen Brown.

We day range our flock, moving the egg mobile once a week. This allowed them to spread their manure and fertility. It also provides them with fresh air, sunshine, clean living conditions and a new entertaining space. In addition to the animal welfare component, eggs produced from hens on pasture are known for their rich golden yolks for they are one of the few foods that contain Vitamin D. They can have more than double the total number of Omega-3 fatty acids than eggs in confinement operations.

They are noticeably happy chickens. We love to open up their coop every morning and watch them innocently jump out full of excitement to express their chicken-self.

Soon, McKinney Roots will donate around 850-880 protein filled eggs a week to our community in need.