Sunny and Share

April 13, 2021

A few months ago, McKinney Roots got 2 new residents. Sunny & Share! They are the farms full time protection, and probably the sweetest pups you’ve ever seen.

Sunny & Share are Akbash’s from Patteran Akbash Dogs in Era, TX. The Akbash breed is from Turkey, and they were first bred there almost 3,000 years ago. They were specifically bred to protect Shepard’s flocks of sheep from predators. The name Akbash in Turkey means “white head”. This specific breed is laid back and calm but very protective of the animals that they are guarding. Akbash’s enjoy being around humans, but they would much rather be in the pasture hanging out with their sheep, goats, or chickens. They are the definition of “gentle giants”.

The Akbash breed are large, white coated dogs. They have white coats because when they were bred thousands of years ago, they were specifically in with Sheep and their white coats made them blend in more so their predators wouldn’t see them. They typically weigh between 75-140 pounds.

Sunny & Share are a wonderful addition to the farm. They are 6 and 7 months old, so of course they still run around and play like puppies. They mostly hang out with the chickens, follow Farmer Tucker around while he plants vegetables, but their favorite thing to do is lay in the cool grass under the chicken coop. Their main job on the farm is to protect the property from any danger that might occur such as coyotes, hawks, wild pigs, and other dogs. They love the nighttime and stay up all night walking the edge of the property line, keeping watch and looking after the chickens.

Come say hi to Sunny & Share on any of our volunteer days! They are so sweet, but don’t be sad if they don’t pay much attention to you, they’d much rather be with their chicken girls! ;)