Getting to know the organizations we serve, part 2

June 21, 2021

Our last blog post spotlighted two of the non-profits and organizations that help us donate our fresh vegetables and eggs to the food insecure in our community. This week we will highlight three more organizations that are a huge part of feeding the hungry in Collin County.

Community Garden Kitchen is a 4,500 square foot building located at 500 Throckmorton in McKinney, sharing a property with Holy Family Pre-school. CGK began at a kitchen table over 5 years ago. The goal is to reach people in the community, children, parents, veterans, and anyone who needs a meal and fresh food. CGK is currently finishing their dining room, with the goal of welcoming whoever wants to come, where volunteers will serve those who need a meal, restaurant-style. They will use the food that McKinney Roots grows, the fresh eggs from our chickens, and other donated food to feed those in need by giving them a fresh, hot, homecooked meal.

McKinney Little Free Pantry serves as a resource in our community to those in need of food, toiletries, and basic life needs for those who cannot afford it. You have probably seen them around. They are little “panty” style structures that people can drop off food into. Most of them are located on the east side of McKinney. McKinney Little Free Pantry got started in 2016 with their first pantry structure outside of Hugs in Downtown McKinney. They are 100% anonymous but give away around 20,000 pounds of food each month. Their main goal is to be accessible all over McKinney within walking distance for anyone who needs it. Currently, there are no locations north of 380. McKinney Roots donates vegetables, and dozens of eggs to the pantry each week, providing as much as we can to those who need fresh and organic proteins. If you are looking to help, they would love if more people would follow them on their Facebook page so you can see the weekly volunteer needs!

Community Lifeline Center was born as a non-profit organization in 1989 when a group of local churches determined it was best to work together to support neighbors in need. They assist about 200-250 people a week with rental, utility, and food assistance. Their goal is to provide firm footing to those experiencing temporary crises, from financial support to goods and services. McKinney Roots delivers our fresh eggs and produce every Tuesday to Community Lifeline Center so they can distribute to the families that they serve each week.

A big Thank You to The Samaritan Inn, McKinney First Baptist Church, Community Garden Kitchen, Little Free Pantry, and Community Lifeline Center for all that you do for our community. We are honored to be partnered with each and every one of you to provide fresh produce and eggs to those in need.

All 5 of these organizations are always in need of volunteers and donations. Please follow them on their social media, and subscribe to their newsletters so you can stay up to date on needs that need to be fulfilled.