Just like honey, baby, from the bee

August 28, 2020

McKinney Roots’ bees continue to stay active making honey from the pollen of the variety of fruits and vegetables growing on the farm. Honey is such a fascinating food because it’s taste is completely dependent on the pollen available to the bees. So, the honey that is extracted one season from one hive could taste completely different the next season.

Because pollen is the base of the honey, it is a natural way to help with seasonal allergies by letting your body slowly introduce local pollen into your immune system. Another reason to be thankful for our bees!

Brenda, our trusted beekeeper, checks on the hives and assures that they are healthy ecosystems for the bees to create the most delicious honey possible. After harvesting our first batch in June, we’re thrilled to be donating 36 jars to Community Lifeline Center.