What a Summer!

August 10, 2020

There is never a dull day on a farm, and this summer’s season has been no exception. Each day has been eventful, filled with weeding, sowing seeds, harvesting, watering; yet two days never have looked the same. As the season comes to a close, we give thanks for the land, the volunteers, and the abundant harvest that has provided us and our partners with a great variety of vegetables and honey.

The melon and cantaloupe production this year astounded our team. We had a small army of volunteers go into the fields in assembly lines, throwing each melon one by one, from one person to the next. It became an epic game of “hot potato” and we are pleased to say we only had a few melon casualties.

McKinney Roots is grateful to partner with such involved non-profits who help distribute the produce: Community Lifeline Center, McKinney Free Pantry, Salvation Army, Hugs Cafe, Streetside Showers, and Holy Family School. Each of these community partners have direct one-on-one relationships with families that need assistance accessing fresh, nutritionally-dense food. Though we love farming, the long hours and hot days are well worth it when we know that our food is helping people lead healthier and happier lives.